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An Innovative Offsourcing Provider

Offsourcing Inc. is a boutique outsourcing company aimed at providing clients with customized outsourcing solutions. In today's economy, it is important for companies to find creative ways to improve profits. Offsourcing addresses these needs by decreasing costs while increasing productivity and efficiency. We can help your company stay lean and more importantly give you an advantage over your competitors.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Offsourcing, Inc. can handle all your outsourcing needs. Our US management team has over 15 years of outsourcing experience and our team is trained to deliver US-quality service at only a fraction of the cost of an in-house hire. We can help your business grow. Contact us now!


Great Service

Our professionals are trained to give the BEST service to our clients. They strive to be equal or better than someone you hire in-house.

Low Prices

Lower Costs - Save UP to 80% on costs compared to an in-house hire.


Our Offshore professionals are flexible enough to work during your business hours. Or you can specify the exact hours you would like our professionals to work.


We take care of all aspects of the process. You tell us what you want, then we identify the best fit for your business.

US Management and Support

Our management team is based in Los Angeles, California. Speak directly with an American manager if you ever have an issue or question.

Fully Dedicated, Full Time Professionals.

Work with the same professional and create a long term relationship as if they were part of your in-house team. They only work for you and are available 40 hours per week.


Our professionals speak great English. All professionals are required to participate in an intensive communication and client management training program before they work for you. They are also trained to give timely updates and to be very proactive.

Direct Management

Offsourcing does not use liaisons to translate information back and forth from the customer to the offshore professional. Maintain full control and visibility over a project with direct management.


Contact Center

Contact center professionals are able to process orders, prepare customer correspondence, and/or fulfill customer needs to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Chat & Email Support
  • Call Center Support
  • Quality Assurance

Graphic Design

Our Graphic designers use current graphic design software to produce graphic arts and visual materials for promotions, advertisements, films, packaging, permit-packages, and informative materials through a variety of media outlets.

  • Animation
  • AutoCAD Drafting / Engineering
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photo Enhancement

Back Office Support

The Back Office Support Team performs a variety of administrative functions.

  • Data Encoding
  • Data Processing
  • Administrative Support
  • Virtual Assistant

Web Development

Our Web Development Team designs and constructs websites, including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques. We can also maintain and provide ongoing changes to the design or functionality of the websites or promotional banners.

  • Programmer
  • Designer
  • Quality Assurance / Tester

Customized Solution

We can recruit and hire specialized professionals based on your specific requirement.


We provide qualified offshore professionals along with our U.S. based support staff to make the process as seamless as possible.


Your Offsourcing Professional works directly with your staff and is flexible enough to work during your business hours. We take care of everything else.


Increase productivity and save up to 75% on a highly qualified professional. Turn away from the hassles of paying for insurance, desks, phones, computers and software. Offsourcing also saves you the time spent on searching and interviewing qualified candidates.

Start Offsourcing Today!